Introduction to Art Online - Grade 3

Introduction to Art Online - Grade 3

The video-based Introduction to Art series is a cost-effective way to get started with the Arts Attack curriculum. Each grade level consists of 12 lessons with a 1-Year subscription designed for use in a single classroom by the classroom teacher, art teacher or parent art docent.

The Introduction to Art Grade 3 program provides an age-appropriate balanced approach to teaching art – emphasizing both the fundamentals of art and creative expression. Taught to the right side of the brain, it emphasizes the art elements and principles, drawing technique, self-expression, and media diversity. The lesson Cave Art takes us back to the beginnings of art history and Dinosaurs offers a connection to science. Lessons teaching printing techniques and watercolors are also included. The technique of right brain (contour) drawing is developed and emphasized and students greatly improve their drawing skills over the course of the year. Students study and learn the styles of artists Georges Rouault, Raoul Dufy, and Henri Rousseau and then create original artworks in their styles.

The Grade 3 program includes 12 lessons, 3.5 hours of instructional video (shown to the students and featuring classroom demonstrations by other third graders), a digital art image program with discussion guides, lesson plans, student drawing aids, teacher reference materials and much more. Being video-based, it can be taught by teachers or parents with little or no art or art education background, as well as by those with considerable art education training – achieving exceptional results in both cases.