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Arts Attack Complete brings an entire art curriculum to the K-8 classroom on video.

Arts Attack Complete Curriculum Is the most comprehensive of all the Arts Attack program options covering a variety of art topics including drawing, technique, artist appreciation, art history, multi-cultural art, media exploration, self-expression, and more. This hands-on, process-oriented course is designed to facilitate a comprehensive developmental, sequential visual arts curriculum. Arts Attack Complete teaches art elements and principles as well as art history and appreciation. Being video-based, it can be taught by teachers or parents with little or no art or art education background, as well as by those with considerable art education training – achieving exceptional results in both cases.

  • Comprehensive Program designed for one hour per week in the classroom.
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Support materials include lessons presented in an online video format, corresponding lesson plans, student drawing aids and teacher reference material.
  • The Great Masters Virtual Museum
  • Customized Classroom Art Supply Kits available - Request a quote.
  • 24-27 Video-based, hands-on lessons per grade level
  • $660/5-year access

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Arts Attack Complete - Art Supply Kits

Customized Classroom Art Supply Kits Available

We will be happy to provide a quote for art supplies for the Arts Attack Complete Program. Please provide the following information and we will get back to you with a quote.

No art training required
Arts Attack provides everything students need
to create amazing art

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