Introduction to Art

What do you get when you purchase Introduction to Art?

The Introduction to Art Curriculum is a smaller version of our Arts Attack Program. This program has 8 products, one for each grade K-6 plus a 7-8 combo. Each product includes a 1-year subscription for 12 of the Arts Attack lessons, and provides the classroom teacher, art specialist or parent volunteer a low cost ($179) introduction to the (more comprehensive) Arts Attack curriculum. To help minimize your planning and preparation, a 30-student optional art media supply kit customized for each grade level is also available.

Introduction to Art brings 12 innovative, fun and video-based art lessons, as well as a digital art image program, to the elementary or middle school classroom for a full year. A smaller version of the award-winning Arts Attack Online curriculum, this fully validated program is available in the all-new online format and is designed to meet the needs of every teacher with or without special art training.

Art Curriculum lesson plans for elementary and middle schoolsEach curriculum comes with 12 hands-on Online lessons per grade.

Extremely Teacher Friendly and easy to teach, its developmental/sequential approach to teaching art elements and principles - as well as drawing, technique, artist appreciation, art history, multi-cultural art, media exploration, self-expression, etc. - can always be counted on to get great student results in any classroom environment.