Arts Attack DVD - Grade K

Arts Attack DVD - Grade K

The Arts Attack Kindergarten curriculum is the ideal introduction to art for the Kindergarten student. Providing a strong introduction to the art fundamentals (the elements of art and basic techniques), it also places strong emphasis on drawing technique, self-expression, and diversity of both 2- and 3-dimensional media. Several of the lessons are based on children's literature, providing lots of opportunity to connect with the language arts. Lessons such as A Tree is Nice, Butterfly and Cocoon, The Four Seasons, and Zoo Animals offer a simple connection to science. Artists studied include Pablo Picasso, Georgia O,Keeffe, and Vincent van Gogh.

The Kindergarten program includes 25 lessons, 6.4 hours of instructional video (shown to the students and featuring classroom demonstrations by other kindergarteners), a digital art image program with discussion guides, lesson plans, student drawing aids, teacher reference materials and much more. Being video-based, it can be taught by teachers or parents with little or no art or art education background, as well as by those with considerable art education training – achieving exceptional results in both cases.

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