Why 3D Printing X STEAM Education?

  • XYZ STEAM is a 3D printing curriculum that covers subject areas in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). It’s designed for K-12 educators and students to use in the classroom.
  • Print stuff like molecular models or even the whole solar system with your students. Using 3D-printed visual aids helps you illustrate difficult concepts, create engaging STEAM lessons that enhance student involvement.
  • Bring an added dimension to your STEAM classes. 3D design and printing create ample opportunities for hands-on learning. Students get to apply what they’ve learned and this reinforces their understanding of STEAM concepts.
  • Are your classrooms future-ready? 3D printing helps students learn and develop transferrable skills like problem-solving and design thinking, which prepares them for future careers in STEAM.

Why choose XYZ STEAM?

Classroom-ready 3D Printing Curriculum
Classroom-ready 3D Printing Curriculum
Transform your K-12 STEAM classes into fun and interactive 3D printing sessions with 40 ready-to-teach lesson plans.
Based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Based on Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Enjoy flexibility. Easily integrate XYZ STEAM lessons into your school’s STEAM K-12 curriculum or teach them as standalone units.
Accessible 3D printer ecosystem
Accessible 3D printer ecosystem
With access to 3D printers, materials, and software, you get to start your first 3D printing class effortlessly.
Use our app, XYZmaker 3DKit to design and 3D print models in the classroom, with a Chromebook!

The XYZ STEAM 3D Printing Curriculum

40 ready-to-teach 3D printing lesson plans across 3 grade bands that integrate seamlessly into the K-12 STEAM curriculum

  • Seesaw
  • Mountain marathon
  • The beauty of symmetry
  • Gears
  • Racing car
  • Proportions and art
  • Geometry
  • Clock
  • Elementary arithmetic
  • Solar system
Middle school G6-8
  • Atoms and molecular composition of compounds
  • Mini windmill
  • Solar cooker
  • Roller coaster track
  • Electromagnets
  • Spring mechanism
  • Demolition ball
  • Laser lights plates
  • Tool design: Wrench (Parts 1 to 4)
  • Mini telescope
  • The object holder
  • Sensory system
  • Cells
  • Earth, Moon, and Sun Systems
High school G9-12
  • Electrons and chemical bonds
  • Mini camera module
  • Circuit board housing
  • Shock absorber
  • Solar cell
  • Rube Goldberg machines
  • Gears
  • Flashlight design
  • Buoyancy design
  • Design project: Tolerance analysis
  • Bridges
  • Microplastics and pollution
  • Structure of DNA
  • Physical Science
  • Engineering, Technology, & the Application of Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth & Space Science

Lessons grouped by Disciplinary Core Ideas (NGSS)

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